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Virtual Labs

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Introduction to Continuous Integration and Delivery Fundamentals Lab

Introduction to Master Open RAN: User, Control, Management Lab

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Energy efficiency

Advanced Workshop

RAN intelligence focused on energy saving
The workshops provide a deep dive into the RAN Intelligent Controller with a focus on energy efficiency in O-RAN.This includes analysis of use cases, xApp/rApp design, automation, and conflict mitigation. The participants will gain knowledge on the design and implementation of applications for energy saving and their operation in a simulated environment.

Q2, 2024



The pace of innovation and connectivity around the world is set back by the lack of supply chain diversity in the Telecoms Industry.  The industry is shifting towards a world where a more sustainable competitive supply chain can be built on the premise of changing the networks are engineered, built and deployed.  Open & Disaggregated Network Solutions are an inevitability.


Telecom professionals (in and out of job) need to develop the skills to be address the technological wave of change. TIP Academy in collaboration with Accenture addresses the skills and talent gap, necessary to drive an industry shift in the way telecom networks are built for the future.


TIP Academy (training) is uniquely positioned because it is designed BY THE INDUSTRY FOR THE INDUSTRY. TIP as a global community of organizations are actively engaged in designing, building, testing and deploying Open Network Solutions.

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