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Virtual Labs

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Introduction to Continuous Integration and Delivery Fundamentals Lab

Introduction to Master Open RAN: User, Control, Management Lab

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Energy efficiency

Advanced Workshop

RAN intelligence focused on energy saving
The workshops provide a deep dive into the RAN Intelligent Controller with a focus on energy efficiency in O-RAN.This includes analysis of use cases, xApp/rApp design, automation, and conflict mitigation. The participants will gain knowledge on the design and implementation of applications for energy saving and their operation in a simulated environment.

Q2, 2024


A prime objective for TIP and the TIP Board is to overcome the skills and talent gap in the telecoms industry as it shifts towards Open & Disaggregated network deployments. TIP Academy in collaboration with Accenture was launched with that objective in mind, ensuring that curricula are designed by the industry for the industry, and learners can engage on training paths towards industry recognised certification. With that in mind, the TIP Board retains an overall ambition to see TIP Academy progress with a governance structure that ensures there is executive level oversight of progress and a dedicated team accountable for execution and progress.

TIP invites Board and non Board members to contribute and participate into TIP Academy and if interested play an influential guiding role in the design and go to market of new curricula.


TIP Board

(Informed executive body)

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TIP Academy Executive Council

(Consulted advisory executive body)

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TIP Academy Operational Commitee

(Formal body acountable for the project governed by TIP Academy Charter)

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With contributions from :

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