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Telco Cloud Curriculum

Telco Cloud training curriculum is here!

Do you or your organization ever think about venturing through Telco Cloud environment? We have prepared Associate level courses tailored for everyone. They are designed to enable upskilling for both newcomers into the Telco cloud industry and experienced professionals

Available now!

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Virtual Labs

In partnership with LabLabee

Introduction to Continuous Integration and Delivery Fundamentals Lab

Introduction to Master Open RAN: User, Control, Management Lab

Available now!


TIP Academy is built on the premise that the training are designed BY THE INDUSTRY FOR THE INDUSTRY. We invite TIP members and non-members to participate in TIP Academy, and in return receive benefit for the contribution.

TIP and the TIP Academy Steering Committee will reach out to some key providers in the industry, but if you are interested in contributing to any of the courses now or in the future, please fill in the following form.  The sales and product team will register your interest and follow up directly with you.

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