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Energy efficiency

Advanced Workshop

RAN intelligence focused on energy saving
The workshops provide a deep dive into the RAN Intelligent Controller with a focus on energy efficiency in O-RAN.This includes analysis of use cases, xApp/rApp design, automation, and conflict mitigation. The participants will gain knowledge on the design and implementation of applications for energy saving and their operation in a simulated environment.

January 29, 2024

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Energy efficiency


Energy Saving Features Design for Open RAN
Energy saving is currently one of the most important topic within the RAN domain on the agendas of both the operators and vendors. This is also true forOpen RAN, where one of the objectives is to gradually become more energy efficient than the regular RAN. This webinar will provide an overview of the energy efficiency topic in the 5G Open RAN networks.

May 25, 2023


Open Optical & Packet Transport

Contribute into and/or learn about how disaggregation in the Telecom Network Backhaul & Transmission space has led to the emergence and deployment of brand-new GA products in the market such as Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG), Cassini, Phoenix. Understand about advancements in the development roadmap, particularly in Software Defined Networks & Orchestration.

Telco Cloud

Cloud is not a new concept. IT and back-office workloads are already being managed in the public cloud.  Telecom Operators have also virtualized parts of the network infrastructure to gain operational efficiencies.

Join the training to better understand what’s next for Telecom Operators.  How will they leverage Edge Compute, Private/Hybrid/Public Cloud architectures, and Open Core Micro Services to securely manage the access and maintenance of a burgeoning data growth in public and private networks.

Metaverse Ready Networks

5G operators continue to look for the killer apps that will drive their business case, and Fixed/Cable operators & infrastructure providers look to continue to sweat their assets to generate additional revenue.  Metaverse applications are available now in the form of video & voice applications on IP – for both enterprises and consumers.  The future of Metaverse suggests an uptick in AR/VR based applications and multi-user, concurrent usage of low latency required applications.  

What does the future telecom network look like? What are the metrics to measure it? Who’s responsible for its upgrade & management? What does the policy environment look like?TIP Academy will look to do an introductory set of courses to start to unfold these questions and more.

Open Wi-Fi

An open-source movement based on WRT code and disaggregation between Access Point & Cloud Controllers is leading to a commercially ready set of Enterprise Open Wi-Fi propositions – targeted towards the housing, hospitality, campus and public outdoor Wi-Fi sectors.  A set of new entrant suppliers are leading the charge.  

Learn about the Engineering and Commercial aspects of this space, either as a new supplier in the market or potentially an ISP/MSP or Operator looking to integrate new Access Points into the network. The future path for this TIP program is towards Fixed Mobile Convergence and Residential Home Products, particularly as we see evolution in the technology standards from Wi-Fi 6 towards Wi-Fi 8.

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Open Optical &  Packet Transport
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Open Wi-Fi
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