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What is Cloud Native?

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Cloud native embodies a contemporary methodology for constructing and operating applications, capitalizing on the benefits of cloud computing to their fullest extent. It involves crafting applications tailored for deployment in cloud environments, employing microservices architecture, containerization, automation, and orchestration. This strategy fosters enhanced scalability, resilience, and agility, surpassing the capabilities of conventional monolithic architectures. Through the adoption of cloud native principles, organizations can accelerate innovation, optimize resource allocation, and furnish users with more dependable and scalable services.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate types of clouds and summarize Cloud Ready and Cloud Native concepts.
  • Outline different scaling and deployment approaches and compare Compare Bare Metal, Virtual Machine, and Containerized Deployment.
  • List and describe the benefits that cloud native environment brings to business.
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