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Webinar Open RAN: Beyond Building a Business Case

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This webinar will cover the main aspects to be considered when building the Business Case for Open RAN, illustrating the impact of each decision on CAPEX and OPEX cost component and describing the key considerations for the calculation of Open RAN TCO. It will be followed by an open discussion around the TCO benefits for Open RAN and what is needed for their realization.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify your current challenges to adopt Open RAN and have goals in mind for what you want to accomplish in the next years with the investment.
  • Identify what needs to be considered when building an Open RAN business model.
  • Interpret the different operators' scope of work and profile and how different network architectures can impact in the TCO comparative analysis.
  • Make data-driven decision and justify the investment on Open RAN.

Topics covered:

  1. Open RAN Business Case levers and challenges.
  2. Process to calculate Open RAN TCO.
  3. Impact of Open RAN on CAPEX and OPEX Components.
  4. Traditional RAN vs Open RAN Deployments.
  5. Open RAN Greenfield vs Brownfield scenarios.
  6. TCO benefits for Open RAN.

Course modules - about 2 hours

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