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Introduction to Master OpenRAN: User, Control, Management Lab

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The Open RAN Lab course will allow you to gain practical experience through instant access to a virtual Lab via LabLabee, where you will be able to test your skills regarding the Open RAN. In particular, the course will guide you through practical exercises related to concepts outlined in some of the courses from different Learning Programs, such as Open RAN Fundamentals, The Radio Intelligent Controller and Open RAN System Integration I. We strongly recommend going through those programs first.


  • TCP/IP basics
  • Linux basics
  • Telco basics

For better understanding of the Open RAN topic, we recommend to complete the training programs mentioned above.

Disclaimer: Please allow up to 72 hours to grant your access to the virtual lab on LabLabee.com. Remember that this access is limited to 30 days, starting from the specific date mentioned in a notification that will be sent to your email address. In case you need to extend that access beyond this period, you will need to purchase another paid license. Please contact TIPAcademySupport@accenture.com for further information.

In case of any further questions feel free to contact our Technical Support: TIPAcademySupport@accenture.com

Course modules - about 5 hours

Introduction to Open RAN Lab

Open RAN Lab

Open RAN Lab finished

about 5 hours of content
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